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For the past years, Sainte-Lizaigne has been innovating, working on network monitoring solutions. The company launched the brand Wayve for its new smart iot products. For instance, this smart systems allow automation and customization of the water network management.
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Simplify and customize the water network management

The smart boxes WAYVE are controlled thanks to a user-friendly interface available on web platform WAYVE or on WAYVE_MOBILE app. They are made to simplify the water network maintenance with automated flushing pipe antennas (CLEAN), by protecting the pipes from freezing and high temperatures (TEMP), by detecting leaks and controlling consumptions (SAVE), by activating the water distribution in case of human presence. This solutions range opens many opportunities to customize and optimize the network management, as well as to reduce the associated costs
- configuration of flows
- automated opening/closing to purge the pipes and to protect them from freezing
- history and statistics
- modules park geolocation

A compact self-sufficient system

A WAYVE smart box is a compact and self-sufficient system with a battery-life up to 15 years. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily installed inside a meter-box or a meter-chamber. Then, it will work autonomously following preprogrammed maintenance cycles.


Download the CLEAN product sheet - automatic flushes

Download the TEMP product sheet - frost free system

Download the SAVE product sheet - water consumption management

Download the MOVE product sheet - water activation with movement


How to #1 Login to the box Wayve

How to #2 Program a Wayve box


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