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A metering terminal is ideally located for the water supplier and the customer. It allows an easy access from the street but is installed within the customer boundaries which comply to legal requirements.

In addition the water meter and its surrounded valves are located above the soil in a clean environment and easily accessible. The metering terminal is integrated perfectly into built-up areas.

The heat coming from the ground by natural convection effect ensures complete protection of the water meter from freezing. The metering chamber is designed to ease the air flow and contribute to maintain the water meter into a positive temperature, even if external temperature is below zero degrees Celsius.

The notice board is composed by a triangulation graph allowing precised location of the tapping valve associated to the metering terminal. A free space is also available to put your own comments.

The metering support rail MODULA is made from Polyamide PA6.6 reinforced by 30% fibreglass to guarantee its high resistance. This material is totally recyclable which contribute to protect the environment.

The product is supplied with all valves fixtures requested. You just need to fix it and adjust the length of the square support to install your water meter.

Installing MODULA is very simple: just slide the square support onto the saddle, adjust the length using the visual aid numbers and click it. With regards the valves fixtures they can be installed either way on the square support.

Our product pressure usage is defined by its nominal pressure (PN) which correspond to a normal pressure usage (products are tested to pressure superior to 1.5 times the PN). All of our products are pressure rated PN16 except for our non-return valves which are pressure rated PN10 as required by the NF standard.

A visual aid enables you to know if your strap saddle is correctly installed. The anti-creep ring located on the water tightness rubber ring must be squeezed between the pipe on the saddle.

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