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  • Anticipation and follow-up of our customers
  • Expertise and sharing
  • Commitment in our actions and dedicated

This values to … follow potable water network owners to preserve resources and distribute a water of quality, anticipate their need and fournir des solutions pérennes et novatrices qui contribuent à leur compétitivité et à leur différenciation. 


Control and Improvement

  • Ensure permanent improvement and efficiency of our managing system
  • Inform in transparent and voluntary manner
  • Integrate the vision of our customer in each of our process
  • Implement and encourage good practices
  • Guarantee stringent requirements in order to ensure security of people and belongings
  • Control and minimize impacts on the environment

Innovation and Production

  • Ensure permanent improvement of our processes and control of our productions
  • Develop and manufacture with care of resources optimization
  • Innovate and contribute to the competitiveness of our clients and partners
  • Manage our customer commitments with reactivity and service (quality, cost, delay, …)

Human resources

  • Ensure and anticipate the adequacy of our resources with our actual and future needs
  • Share and exchange knowledge and experience
  • Integrate, developp skills and value expertise

Customers & Partners

  • Be reliable, create and bring added value to our fields of activity
  • Advise and anticipate our customer needs
  • Share our commitments
  • Measure performance and make decision in transparency
  • Share expertise in order to innovate
  • Guaranty good practices codes

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