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The house connection allows to connect the consumer with the drinkable water distribution system. It consists of a water supply clamp, a connecting valve, controls allowing its access from the road and the necessary tooling for its implementation.

Sainte-Lizaigne : Water supply clamps

Sainte-Lizaigne : Water supply clampsClamps/saddles - Access the PRODUCT catalog

The clamps are used to connect a valve or to make a connection on a drinking water distribution pipe.
3 technologies :

  • rigid (cast iron or steel) : fitted around the pipe with 1 or 2 bolts, single-diameter and multi-diameter models, application for pipes PE/PVC, cast iron and all materials.
  • With straps (cast iron sole and stainless steel strap) : the tightening of the screw secures the strap to the pipe diameter (the strap has pre-set notches for tightening).
  • electrofusion : fitted by electrofusion, single-diameter model, application for pipes PE.



Sainte-Lizaigne : Controls

Sainte-Lizaigne : controlsControls - Access the PRODUCT catalog

A set of parts to control the connecting valves under pressure (top or side connection) or the stop valves underneath the causeway and which include a protective box (to protect the valves underground), extension pipes, extension bars (to offset the control for networks which are deeply embedded) and road boots (to protect the passage way to the control).



Sainte-Lizaigne : tooling

Sainte-Lizaigne : toolingTools - Access to the PRODUCT catalog

Machine and tools which are necessary to make the connections under pressure on the valves (top or side connection).

The drilling machine is set accordingly using the adapters so as to be fitted onto the different types, models and valve dimensions. The drills are chosen according to the type of pipe material and the diameters to be drilled.
The obturator temporarily ensures the water-tightness of the upper part of certain connecting valves with top connection (Sensass) while the work is being carried out.


Sainte-Lizaigne : Live connection

Sainte-Lizaigne : Live connectionLive connection - Access the PRODUCT catalog

The connecting valves are used to connect a consumer to the distribution pipe under pressure, to control the connection and the opening/closing of water. They are mounted on a water supply clamp or integrated into a system with a strapped clamp attached to the pipe.

All configurations : The connecting valves are for top connections (vertical from the pipe) or on the side (horizontal from the pipe) or mixed.

3 technologies : The closing device is a cone (conical connecting valve), a sphere (spherical connecting valve) or a multi-rotation valve.

The Sainte-Lizaigne connecting valves are designed in bronze, material inert to corrosion. They have a magnet inset to optimize the search of leakages and have an integrated fitting.


Sainte-Lizaigne : stop valves

Sainte-Lizaigne : stop valvesStop valves - Access the PRODUCT catalog

The stop valves are positioned on a distribution pipe to a consumer and can control the opening/closing of the water underneath the pavement or causeway.
In the same way as the connecting valves, they can be conical or spherical.
The Sainte-Lizaigne stop valves are designed in bronze, material inert to corrosion. They have a magnet inset to optimize the search of leakages.


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